Latest in green tech – “hydrogen for sustainable air travel” – no, seriously

Watts Up With That?

From the CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS and the “those who don’t pay attention to history are condemned to repeat it” department. See the money quote about kerosene below, bold mine.

Hindenburg Hydrogen Explosion Disaster Hindenburg Hydrogen Explosion Disaster – By Gus Pasquerella –, Public Domain,

Liquid hydrogen may be way forward for sustainable air travel

Transport makes up around 20 percent of our energy use around the world–and that figure is set to grow, according to the International Energy Agency. With sustainable solutions in mind, a new study published by eminent physicist Jo Hermans in MRS Energy and Sustainability–A Review Journal (MRS E&S) looks at the energy efficiency of current modes of transport–from bicycles to buses, from air transport to cruise ships– and concludes that liquid hydrogen seems to be a realistic option for what is probably the most problematic of transportation modes in terms of sustainability, future air travel.

Professor Hermans from…

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