How Imminent is the UAH Pause? (Now Includes Some January Data)

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Werner Brozek, Excerpts from Barry and Edited by Just The Facts

At Dr. Roy Spencer’s site, regular commenter Barry posted seven very interesting comments, begining here, with respect to the requirements for the UAH pause to resume. He has graciously allowed me to use whatever I wished in this blog post. Everything that appears below is from him until you see the statement “Written by Barry.” below:

Since the el Nino rose last year there have been many predictions here that a la Nina would form shortly afterwards and once again return the trend since 1998 to a flat line or cooling. I decided to check the change in trend from 1998 to each month past the el Nino peak (determined by warmest month last year in UAHv6 data).
My prediction is that for each month added past the el Nino peak the trend will be ever…

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