Wild claim: Climate change impacts on endangered wildlife massively under reported

Watts Up With That?

From the “please send money to solve this manufactured crisis” department and the WILDLIFE CONSERVATION SOCIETY comes this giant load of bollocks. They can’t even separate what the difference between weather and climate is, thinking that climate change is the “here and now” . The money quote:

…we need to communicate this to wider public and we need to ensure key decisions makers know that something significant needs to happen now to stop species going extinct. Climate change is not a future threat anymore.”

How specific, “something significant”. Climate change is right outside your window. It’s making species go extinct! Act now!

Organizations like this rely on alarm to generate donations. Just one visit to the webpage tells you all you need to know, between the popup window pleas to save “x” on every page, the financials tell the story – its about money, lots of it:

…operating revenue of $234.6…

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