Claim: New “Green” Danish Facebook Data Centre Will Increase CO2 Emissions

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Information, a major Danish News Outlet, has claimed the rush to build “green” data centres in Denmark, to take advantage of Denmark’s abundant wind energy, will increase CO2 emissions.

New data centers will account for a third of the increase in electricity consumption in the future – and it may be costing the climate and the taxpayer

Facebook has confirmed the construction of a data center in Odense, and together with other companies’ data centers will account for a significant part of the increase in Denmark’s electricity consumption. It will certainly boost CO2 emissions, and taxpayers end up paying for international companies high electricity consumption, experts say

It is now official that Facebook will place a data center outside of Odense, and it will not only be visible in the island’s landscape, but also largely on the country’s total electricity bill. expects an…

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