Falmouth's Firetower Wind



After the inauguration. After all the speeches and marching stopped, I wondered what would be next (beyond the continuing FB frenzy of Trump intolerance).

I think it’s good that something (or someone) has finally ignited a spark of real citizen involvement. But OMG! So many issues, spinoff marches, spinoff grass-root groups have inundated this small town local yokel (me).

In my confused concern, I’m drawn back to the sage advise of a long ago college advisor and his words about being generally overwhelmed – “Keep it simple. Keep it close. Keep it in a perspective you’re most familiar, you understand and within distance you can make a difference.”

To me this advise versus the marcher’s big issues (which I can & do appreciate all of them) illuminates the paradox. Perhaps it’s an explanation why there might be a different way to view the role of government…

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