The Next Eco-Scare Story?

Watts Up With That?

AI search term interest - red is "deep learning", blue is "artificial intelligence". Source Google AI search term interest – red is “deep learning”, blue is “artificial intelligence”. Source Google

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Now that Trump is President, what will replace the dying climate crisis narrative?

The replacement scare has to be a comparatively new field, with vast knowledge gaps which can be filled with wild speculation disguised as expert opinion. It must plausibly threaten the lives and security of ordinary people – to attract research funding. The exaggerated risks must have the potential to engage public imagination. The new scare must be radically different from previous scares – otherwise people will see it as recycled CO2 hype (think the methane scare). And the new scare must have the support of popular culture – Hollywood must get on board, to help spread the fear.

There is a crisis narrative which ticks all these boxes – the rising threat of uncontrolled artificial intelligence

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