Friday Funny @Algore ‘Climate Reality Project’ – too stupid to know the difference between CO2 and water vapor

Watts Up With That?

People send me stuff. Today I got a “please send money” solicitation from multi-millionaire climate crusader Al Gore, who reportedly has increased his net worth north of $200 million since losing his Presidential bid in 2000.

You’d think with all that cash at his disposal, he could hire a proofreader before he starts making pitches for money. Here is what was sent with the subject “Science must trump politics”:


The cheesy subject line is of course, a jab at president-elect Trump. In the email, the Gorebots go on to tell us how terrible it is:

Let’s face it: we have a long, hard road ahead of us in 2017. A president-elect who has denied the reality of the climate crisis is about to move into the White House, and he has nominated a list of oil industry insiders to serve in key cabinet positions responsible for the nation’s public lands…

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