Are Public Positions on Climate Change Changing?

Watts Up With That?

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen

This is a follow-on to Bob Tisdale’s recent piece on Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources’ changes to its Great Lakes climate change statement.

If you read his article and didn’t click through to the original article by Lee Bergquist in the Wisconsin Journal Sentinal, you might have missed how significant this change was.

Here it is in pictures: [click each for larger images]

In 2012, the page looked like this:


The red boxed link is to the infamous Wisconsin Climate Change Activity Guide provided as a resource to teachers of grades 7-12.  It can still be found cached in the WebArchive [aka the Wayback Machine].   Today, it is no longer linked from the Great Lakes page and the link to it in present time returns “Page Not Found”.



Instead of the “AGW party line” statement on the 2012 page (which existed until last week)…

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