Effect of climate policies on CO2 emissions: imperceptible

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Alberto Zaragoza Comendador

When discussing climate change, one often hears this or that bad thing will happen ‘if we do nothing’. Implicit in this assertion is the notion that if we do something, well, then CO2 emissions will decrease, or at least they won’t increase as much as they would have.

It seems a duh statement: doing something about CO2 emissions causes them to be lower than they would have been if you we had done nothing. But the evidence is lacking: in this article I show how multiple countries, over a span of several decades, fail to show signs of a policy-induced change in emissions. And the few cases in which policy seemed to be driving emissions were not related to climate policy.

Counting emissions the right way

By definition, CO2 emissions are a function of:


· The CO2 intensity of GDP

This is…

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