A question we should all be asking! Where is the decision on the wind turbine report’s recommendations from the now not so recent Senate Inquiry????

A question we should all be asking! Where is the decision on the wind turbine report’s recommendations from the now not so recent Senate Inquiry????
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2016 13:46:29 +1000
Subject: (3)The Government’s decision on the Wind Turbine Report is well overdue
To: malcolm.Turnbull.PM@aph.gov.au; Greg.Hunt.MP@aph.gov.au; Julie.Bishop.MP@aph.gov.au

Dear Prime Minister and other Senior Ministers,
We are resending our email to you as we have not heard back from the Prime Minister’s office regarding its overdue decision on the report into wind turbines (see correspondence below).
We respectfully remind you that the Australian taxpayers funded the enquiry and expect the current government to announce its decision in a timely manner.
We also alert you to the evidence which  indicates  that elements of the ‘renewable’ industry appear to be a scam. They appear to be  an offshoot of an academic funding scam in climate science.  The evidence of the academic funding scam in Australia appears to trace back to a central, small group of Lysenkolike climate, pseudo-scientists (see here ).
We recognise that our Prime Minister “feels passionately about climate change” and our new Science Minister states it as his “deeply held belief.” With all due respect, Australia cannot be governed according to the personal ideologies of individual politicians.
Further, the science based empirical; and the historical evidence strongly contradict your personal ideologies here and here 
Please, look at the  evidence again. It shows clearly that ‘climate change’ aka ‘global warming’  is underpinned by deceit,  both at the individual and group level. here   and  here
It is important for Australia’s security that the Government  holds the individual pseudo-scientists accountable for, what the evidence indicates, is criminal behaviour. Day by day, more and more Australians are realising that they have been conned. They will want retribution for the  economic hardship and energy poverty they have endured. Please give to them; and to yourselves.  No one should be above the law in Australia. 
In closing, we are two senior, retired scientists. We care about all Australia’s flora and fauna, including humanity. This is why we write. Please correct us if anything we have said is untrue. 
Respectfully yours
Dr Judy Ryan
Dr Marjorie Curtis
Members:World wide Web of Independent Scientists
On 25 Jul 2016, at 3:48 PM, SeniorClerk, Committee (SEN) <SeniorClerk.Committees.Sen@aph.gov.au> wrote:
Dear Dr Ryan
There has been no response as yet from the Government to the recommendations made in the Committee’s final report and we have no indication of when it might be ready, although once it is received it will be placed on the inquiry webpage.
Cheryl Hardiman | Office of the Senior Clerk of Committees | Department of the Senate
Parliament House, Canberra | P  02 6277 3553 
Dear Cheryl Hardiman,
Can you please pass our disappointment  to the Turnbull Government over its very slow, as yet non-existent response to the recommendations made in the committees final report on Wind Turbines. The report was completed on 3rd August 2015.  Almost one year has passed and no decision has been made.
 When I last viewed the web page there were more than 600 public submissions to the senate enquiry. Nearly all of them were against Wind Farms. Many produced strong irrefutable evidence showing their fatal attraction to birds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9srPoOU6_Z4  
The submissions also reported on the psychological and physical health and safety of Australian  citizens, which was all bad news.
Further, as recent events have shown, Australian citizens’ access to affordable, reliable power both at the residential and commercial level is jeopardised. Just one example, is that during recent South Australia Energy crisis, on the afternoon of July 7th,  SA wind farms were actually drawing power from the grid. Evidently this is a very regular event.  grid.publicknowledge.com.au    This is subsidisation gone mad!
I remind the Turnbull Government that even though the senate enquiry commenced under the Abbott government the, several hundred private citizens and the silent majority expect the Turnbull government to honour its commitment to continue the Abbott Governments courageous Energy policies. Please let me know your decision, regarding the above, in a timely manner.
Dr Judy Ryan
Member: World Wide Web of Independent Scientists

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