A $200 million wind farm being built near Goulburn has won  a 20 year feed-in tariff contract from the ACT government.

The 91 megawatt NSW Crookwell 2 Wind Farm is expected to support 80 direct construction jobs and 14 ongoing obs and will contribute to the ACT’s 100 per cent renewable energy target.

The project’s proponent, Union Fenosa Wind Australia, has also committed to a community enhancement fund of $2500 per turbine. This is about $70,000 each year for 25 years. 

Farmers will also be able to continue to work the land surrounding the turbines.


“Wind farms harness an unlimited and readily-available resource to generate electricity and parts of NSW have been identified as some of Australia’s best areas for wind resources,” said NSW Resources and Energy deputy secretary Kylie Hargreaves.

Union Fenosa has also established a shared benefits scheme with near neighbours.

Crookwell 2 Wind Farm is the second NSW project to win a competitive feed-in tariff from the ACT.

In March the Sapphire Wind Farm in New England secured a 100 megawatt feed-in tariff

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