Aviation v. Wind Farms


Often referred to in these pages Aviation and wind farms don’t mix. Recently the family of an agricultural spray pilot in the US was awarded $6.7 million after he flew into a hastily erected unmarked, unlighted and unnotified met mast. It is by the grace of God that no similar accidents have yet happened in the UK. Back in the dark days where all the politicians thought that the world would stop on it’s axis if we didn’t cover the earth with wind farms, the RAF was routinely gagged by the introduction of the MOD Safeguarding organisation. Effectively an arm of Chris Huhne’s DECC, mitigation was the order of the day and that meant the RAF re-directing flying away from wind farms. Now as training of military aircraft is inherently risky and therefore performed over high open wild unoccupied terrain, that caused a dichotomy. Wind farm developers want to build…

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