Newest Chapter : “The Falmouth Experience”- THE EXCUSE

Falmouth's Firetower Wind

The Board’s brief statement bullets –
1) Selectmen want an “objective review” of the decision
2) The long-term financial and economic impacts of the turbines’ operation necessitated an appeal
3) It’s in the community’s best interest to protect this major investment


~ IMPLY the ZBA’s decision was “subjective” despite legal guidance provided by special counsel to the ZBA Mark Bobrowski. Who, BTW, is the author of the Handbook of Massachusetts Law of Land Use and Planning Law which is frequently cited by the courts of the Commonwealth.
~ MAKE CLEAR that $$$ is the primary driver of the Selectmen’s appeal. Ignoring that ‘To Be Objective”, a Zoning Board of Appeals (permit issues) never considers the applicant’s profit, purpose or intention (A Commonwealth case law tenant of principle).
~ CONFUSE the community’s best interest of preserving and supporting law and order standards for the board’s tyrannical desire to promote…

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