Éoliennes et cochons

A victim of wind writing to elected officials(Swiss Jura)March 30, 2016Ladies and gentlemen,It is still instructive to read that reports are made to the pigs around wind farms and nothing about human residents! Uplifting and municipal authorities without adequate degree allow themselves to ignore studies conducted by scientists!If at least this negligence was to a credible energy policy. Alas, none of this as we saw yesterday evening in a documentary on Arte TV channel: The strategy of the energy transition kills. electricity bill cold people die in Europe because they can not pay up wherever the market is liberalized. Renewable energy is only an alibi instead of a solution and contribute to this mess lack of awareness at the head of it all. Germany pollutes as ever despite unprecedented space colonization to produce so-called green energy!There is nothing glorious in the energy transition, only opportunistic, and it\’s not me who says it is a lamentable fact finding on the ground ..I hope you read the document below and you will reap the lessons. I hope that each of the actors responsible for what one exposes us today will one day answer for their passivity. Believe me, all the associations of the world that are created around these wind farms patiently accumulate the evidence that passivity and together they will mobilize in time, as was done for asbestos and tobacco. We are not opponents, we are whistleblowers and our goal is to recognize the impacts on our health machines installed too close to homes.With my greetingsPascale HoffmeyerNOTES WCFN:Here is the article: study on the quality of meat of pork raised near a wind – Researchers have found that this meat was substandard.NB: Another study, conducted in 2013, found that high geese near wind turbines produce less meat and had higher levels of cortisol in the blood. – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24597302From all corners of the world arrived us news of livestock affected by the proximity of wind turbines: http://wcfn.org/2015/04/02/wind-farms-deformities/ – (See also articles referenced).As for the effects on humans, it has been extensively documented and studied. It lacks a comprehensive study of infrasound from wind turbines and their effects on local residents. Given its cost, only a government could finance it, something he refuses to do following pressure by the wind lobby. NASA has made ​​one yet, in 1985, responding to complaints from local residents of experimental 2 MW wind turbine. \”Nuisances are real,\” the researchers concludeBut the wind industry claims that modern wind turbines emit infrasound more harmful, but not proved by further study. Bad faith is evident and, as noted Mrs. Hoffmeyer, was reminiscent of the tobacco industry (when it refused to admit that smoking could kill).

Source: Éoliennes et cochons

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