Falmouth Town Meeting Windage

Falmouth's Firetower Wind

                   NOTABLE QUOTABLES

Nov 2007 – Art 14 Fund Wind Energy Facility

Rich Maclone, Precinct 4. “just hammered a little budget there for about an hour and a half, and we’ve been told that we don’t have money, and I can’t believe there’s no discussion on a four million dollars expenditure for a windmill. Could I have someone explain this to us? The total cost of the windmill, with the interest, when the payback is going to be, how much the bills cost at the plant right now, what we can expect to receive back as a payback on this? So, could I have a presentation by some one on this, please?

Ms. Harper, Asst. Town Manager (wind energy project manager).
Certainly. If you could show the slides? Start with the slide with the figures on it. Start with the numbers. But the short answer is, is that there’s…

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