Noise Assisted Data Analysis

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Once again, Dr. Curry’s “Week in Review-Science and Technology” doesn’t disappoint. I find the following:

Evidence of a decadal solar signal in the Amazon River: 1903 to 2013 [link]  by Antico and Torres

So I go to the link, and I find the abstract:


It has been shown that tropical climates can be notably influenced by the decadal solar cycle; however, the relationship between this solar forcing and the tropical Amazon River has been overlooked in previous research. In this study, we reveal evidence of such a link by analyzing a 1903-2013 record of Amazon discharge. We identify a decadal flow cycle that is anticorrelated with the solar activity measured by the decadal sunspot cycle. This relationship persists through time and appears to result from a solar influence on the tropical Atlantic Ocean. The amplitude of the decadal solar signal…

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