Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.

APAI – ERT DAY 1 – Good beginning!

1fb09b95-6de8-4274-9330-dddc2cb00505NOTE: information about the future schedule and possible bus transport to Toronto is at the end of this message

Location: St John’s Hall, Village of Bath

Tribunal: Mr. Robert Wright & Mr. Justin Duncan

Lawyers for

Appellant (APAI): Graham Andrews, EKG, LLP

Approval Holder (Windelctric Inc.): John Terry & Arlen Sternberg, Torys, LLP

MOECC: Andrea Huckins

The first day of the ERT illustrated the strong support of APAI members in opposition to the Windlectric project. Thanks to APAI members and neighbours from Bath and Nicholson Point who filled the hall in Bath. Your presence is very important and conveys the importance of this hearing to the community.

After the opening remarks, procedural reminders and upcoming schedule by the Tribunal, all parties agreed to the order of appearances of witnesses.

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