CO2 residence time said to be 40 years, not 1000 per previous claims

Watts Up With That?

Readers may recall claims of 1000 year residence times for CO2. This essay suggests a much shorter interval. -Anthony


Guest essay by Ari Halperin

Surplus CO2 is removed from the atmosphere by natural sinks at a rate proportional to the surplus CO2 concentration.  The half-life of the surplus CO2 concentration is approximately 40 years.  This is the conclusion of my research paper, published on today. 

I am grateful to Prof. Fred Singer and Prof. William Happer for their help in writing this paper.

The correct (although approximate) formula for CO2concentration leads to a number of conclusions of public interest:

  • CO2concentration in the atmosphere will increase much slower than has been claimed by the IPCC.
  • A relatively small part of the anthropogenic CO2in the atmosphere has been released by the US; a relatively large part of the anthropogenic CO2has…

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