A Sinister Charade

Watts Up With That?

People send me stuff, such as this email I recently received about a global warming spy thriller. I’m not fully comfortable with the “hoax” title, as there indeed has been some warming in the past century, some of it man made and some of it natural variation, but there’s also been a largess of funding and a shedload of zealotry and hype attached to all of that, and that’s what this book is about.

Mr. Watts,

As a retired Earth scientist, I am appalled at the war the current Administration and the EPA are waging against fossil fuels. Many good books and websites such as yours have effectively debunked the pseudoscience behind climate change. Sadly, this academic evidence has done little to sway alarmists, educators, regulators, the liberal media or the Pope.

My approach to this controversy is a bit different. I have written an apocalyptic thriller exposing the hypocrisy…

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