‘Wild card’ in climate models found, ‘and that’s a no no’

Watts Up With That?

Jo Nova has a post today about an investigation of climate modeling mathematics by her husband David Evans. Evans believes he has uncovered a significant and perhaps major flaw in the mathematics at the core of the climate models.


She writes:

The climate models, it turns out, have 95% certainty but are based on partial derivatives of dependent variables with 0% certitude, and that’s a No No. Let me explain: effectively climate models model a hypothetical world where all things freeze in a constant state while one factor doubles. But in the real world, many variables are changing simultaneously and the rules are  different.

Partial differentials of dependent variables is a wildcard — it may produce an OK estimate sometimes, but other times it produces nonsense, and ominously, there is effectively no way to test. If the climate models predicted the climate, we’d know they got away with it. They didn’t, but…

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