The Thermodynamic Mind

Climate of Sophistry

If you haven’t already read the last post, you should read it before reading this one.

The New Science

“It’s essential for the New Science to put agency, subjectivity, teleology, free will and mind into its equations – everything formally repudiated by today’s science. The equations of existence must be blazing with fire at all times. The New Science is about existence as a living organism, not as a dead machine. Only organisms come with fire. Machines never do.”

Hockney, Mike (2015-06-02). The War of the Ghosts and Machines (The God Series Book 28) (Kindle Locations 2753-2757). Hyperreality Books. Kindle Edition.

“Quite simply, nothing is more important than turning subjective agency and will into mathematical forms and then using them in scientific formulae. We can apply such considerations in all contexts: cosmology, Darwinism, quantum mechanics, as well as psychology and sociology. This is a vastly expanded science, a science…

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