Another Attempt To Stab the Elephant With a Pin…..

Patti Kellar

The following are the comments I submitted to the Ministry of the Environment’s (MOECC) Environmental Registry proposal posting (EBR 012-4493), Proposed Amendments to O.Reg. 359/09 Renewable Energy Approvals under Part V.0.1. of the Act.
According to the MOECC, all comments received during this comment period will be considered as part of the decision–making process.

If you have concerns which you would like the MOECC to consider, or experiences which you would like to relay, you can submit them before the posting closes this October 2, 2015. Just click on the following link, go to the “Submit Comment” box on the right hand side and seize the opportunity.

Thank you for extending the comment period until October 2, 2015 for the proposed updates and clarification to the MOECC’s Noise Guidelines for Wind Farms.

It would seem logical that prior to introducing new guidelines for Industrial Wind Turbines in Ontario, the…

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