“Cosmic math”: wind developers hold open house in Eastern Ontario

Ottawa Wind Concerns

Ontario Farmer

By Ian Cumming

St. Isidore–With a September 1 deadline to apply to the Ontario government for a share of the provincial allotted windpower megawatts (MW), four wind companies held public information open houses in three eastern Ontario counties, detailing their area proposed projects.

Two of these were: the RES Canada presentation in Vankleek Hill for the 15-turbine, 40 MW Gauthier project on June 22, and the EDF EN Canada presentation for the 14-MW project in St. Isidore on June 23.

With EDF having a large number of solar and wind proects in 19 countries throughout the world, including scattered throughout the United States plus Alberta and Quebec, the company is looking to expand its presence in Ontario, says David Thornton, from stakeholder relations at the company.

Wind developer exec former McGuinty staffer

Thornton started as a staffer in Premier McGuinty’s office, was the former campaign manager for…

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