There’s Only One Problem with Claims that Wind Power ‘Kills Coal’: and that’s the Wind


yacht Fire up the diesel, darling. Otherwise, we’re going nowhere fast.


The fact that wind power depends on the ….. ahem … wind is the biggest bugbear to eco-fascist plans for giant fan domination across the globe; and their ultimate mission to go “fossil free” – they mean abstaining from the use of “fossil fuel”, rather than ceasing to rely on T-Rex and his – now stony/boney – kin. Although they have no apparent hesitation when it comes to burning up millions of litres of kerosene, flying to groovy backpacker must-sees, and “climate change” jamborees, all over the globe (see our post here).

The more deluded that walk amongst us claim that “COAL IS DEATH” – and that – with just a few million more of these things – wind power will destroy fossil fuel power generation – and we’ll all get to wallow in an endless…

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