Wind Power Fraud Finally Exposed: Senator John Madigan Details LRET’s Astronomical 45 Billion Dollar Cost to Power Consumers

In my home state 34,000 homes were disconnected from the electricity grid because they could no longer afford to pay their power bills. The imposition of the coalition’s electricity tax will naturally lead to tens of thousands more families attempting to live without power.


May You Live in Interesting Times

When the Chinese make the suggestion “may you live in interesting times” they don’t mean you well – it’s more of a veiled warning about the perils of what’s lurking over the horizon – and some even characterise it as a curse.

Well, it seems that the wind industry is living in VERY interesting times. Its parasites and spruikers are locked in a permanent state of apoplexy; and its few political patsies within the Coalition, like young Gregory Hunt are fighting a bitter rearguard action in an effort to appease their benefactors.

We don’t normally reference The Guardian – a fully endorsed member of the wind industry’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ – but we can’t help pulling this slab from one of Lenore Taylor’s woeful missives:

Greg Hunt continues to claim he has achieved “certainty for the renewable energy sector” with a revised renewable energy target…

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