Anti-Development is Murder

Climate of Sophistry

“Air Conditioners Cause Heat Waves”, IPCC Says

Carl Brehmer – June 2015

Those who follow the news will have noticed that the wires are abuzz with stories about how many people have died in India over the past couple of weeks because of a pre-monsoon heat wave that certain areas of India have endured.  Like clockwork these same news stories blame those deaths on anthropogenic “climate change”.  Bluntly stated, your modern lifestyle, which is primarily powered by hydrocarbon energy, is killing people in India—you are therefore committing voluntary manslaughter because your use of hydrocarbon energy is voluntary!

India’s deadly heat wave over the past couple of weeks that is blamed for >2,000 deaths “is a taste of extreme weather conditions that are set to become more common as greenhouse gases heat up the planet . . .” RTCC

“Climate change blamed as thousands die in Indian heat” Financial Times


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