Global Wind Day?

World Council for Nature

Global Wind Day will be celebrated June 15 2015, actually WORLD ELDER ABUSE AWARENESS DAY, as per United Nations’ resolution A/RES/66/127. Pirating that Day, the wind lobby shows little respect for senior citizens.

In reality, it will be:

Global WIND SCAM Day

new energy  99

This cartoon explains why wind turbines are a scam: wind power is intermittent, i.e. useless


Wind turbines emit dangerous infrasound

Wind turbines massacre birds and bats

Wind turbines slash property values

Wind turbines kill tourism

Wind electricity costs 3 times as much

Wind turbines make electricity too expensive

Wind turbines destroy jobs

On June 15 2015, disinformation agents will be mobilized worldwide to make believe wind turbines are useful, cheap, harmless to birds and people, good for property values and great for tourism and the economy – DON’T BE FOOLED!

Our thanks to Josh, author of the cartoon –


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