The Ground is not the Surface

Climate of Sophistry

Think like a Photon

This is a comment upgrade to a post.  Recall the earlier post about thinking like a photon, rather than thinking like a human, if you want to understand why light exhibits the behaviour that it does.  One of the other anthropocentric biases of climate alarm is to consider that the surface of the Earth is literally the ground or sea-level surface of the Earth.  However, since climate alarm is based on a radiative theory of how heat flows in the atmosphere, then one should consider what the existing electromagnetic radiation considers as the surface of the Earth, and work things out from that starting point.  If you are electromagnetic radiation, then the surface of the Earth is the atmosphere itself, not the ground surface!  Carl Brehmer outlines the result in his comment, which is the next section below, unedited from the original comment:

Mean Global Surface Temperature…

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