No good reason for wind turbinesHydro One, electricity bills, wind power, wind turbines, cost of renewable, Ontario electricity bills, : says letter writer

Ottawa Wind Concerns

Provincial government, Hydro One both to blame for the mess

West Carleton Review

To the Editor:

Your April 9 edition of the West Carleton Review contained a number of articles and letters to the editor regarding our sad state of affairs with regard to Hydro in Ontario.

Hydro in the last century has become one of our essential services, and as the ice storm of 1998 demonstrated, our lives revolve around electricity to power everything in our homes and even the gas stations that fuel our vehicles.

However, in Ontario the distribution, sale and production of hydro is treated as a political spectator sport with boondoggles, lies, smart meter errors, overpaid employees and corruption being the order of the day.

Even the Auditor-General (AG) has taken this government to task regarding hydro, but the Minister, Bob Chiarelli, tries to shame the AG by stating that it is a complicated file…

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