PSST! Want to Kill Prosperous Economies & Crush the Poorest? Then Keep Throwing $Billions at Wind Power


Josef Stalin Dear Christine, I can only write in admiration for the way your hatred of the proletariat guides your brilliant policy to keep them poor and in the dark. Keep up the good work. Yours, Jo.


The so-called “Greens” are not just delusional, they’re dangerous. Full of hate for human beings, especially the poorest of them, their “policies” – if they can be called that? – are more like malign manifestos, of the kind that would have made the Generalissimo proud.

In a brilliant essay, first published in the Wall Street Journal, Matt Ridley lays “green” ideology to waste; and gives the nonsense of wind power special attention, observing that:

Wind power, for all the public money spent on its expansion, has inched up to — wait for it — 1 per cent of world energy consumption in 2013. Solar, for all the hype, has not even managed that: If…

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