Another horror story from Denmark

World Council for Nature

Mink farm in the news, again

Kaj Bank Olesen at mink farm - courtesy of AOH.DkAbove: Kaj Bank Olesen at his mink farm, courtesy of AOH.Dk

The fur farmer Kaj Bank Olesen now complains that, when the wind blows from the South West (where the nearby wind turbines are), mother minks attack their own puppies – those that were born healthyafter the 1,600 miscarriages of last month (1). As a result of their wounds,over twenty puppies had to be put down, and 40 put in observation. Mr Olesen, the owner and operator of the farm, made a short video showing the large wound inflicted to a young mink:

See the VIDEO embedded in the center of the article: click HERE

Online news agency BREITBART reported on this new mishap, the third one since the wind turbines started to operate in September 2013:

The news last fall of the firstincident – minks attacking each other – waspublished by two…

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