Eyeroller: UW Madison says weather, er ‘climate change’ is affecting soybean yields amid record high yields

Watts Up With That?

That climate change is sneaky, it hides the ‘damage’ via ‘weather variations resulting from climate change’ in record high soybean yields, as seen in this graph I located from Kansas State University:

Soybean Annual Balance Sheet_12741_image001Color me unimpressed with this press release, which boils down to nothing more than a statement of “we could have had a better year if the weather was better”.

Climate change costing soybean farmers

Form the University of Wisconsin-Madison

MADISON – Even during a good year, soybean farmers nationwide are, in essence, taking a loss. That’s because changes in weather patterns have been eating into their profits and taking quite a bite: $11 billion over the past 20 years.

This massive loss has been hidden, in effect, by the impressive annual growth seen in soybean yields thanks to other factors. But that growth could have been 30 percent higher if weather variations resulting from climate change had not…

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