Australian Senator – Matt Canavan – Slams “Greens” Hypocrisy & Skewers the Great Wind Power Fraud


matt canavan Matt Canavan: for “Greens”, hypocrisy is the new “black”.


Queensland National’s Senator, Matt Canavan gets it. An economist by trade, having worked for the Productivity Commission, he’s got a head for facts and figures. Matt’s reasoned musings have graced the pages of STT a couple times:

Senator Matt Canavan: mandatory RET is an Enormous Wind Industry Protection Racket

Senator Matt Canavan: Australia’s RET Policy: “Robin Hood visits Bizarro World”

Now, he’s on fire with this brilliant speech, delivered in the Senate, that canes the so-called “Greens” for their hair-brained hypocrisy; and thoroughly belts the infantile nonsense of wind power.

STT commends it; and, because, common sense rarely needs an advocate, has nothing further to add.

Coal Seam Gas
Thursday, 19 March 2015

Senator CANAVAN (Queensland) (17:45): It is a great honour to stand up in unity with so many other senators in this chamber…

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