Next showing of Big Wind documentary: Tuesday at 10 PM

Ottawa Wind Concerns

TVOntario is showing the new documentary film Big Wind again on Tuesday, March 31st, at 10 PM

The film documents the legal struggle of one farm family in Ontario about to be surrounded by over 100 wind turbines and two transformer stations, and other communities already dealing with the effects of living near the huge power generating machines.

Key interviews include former nursing teacher Norma Schmidt, whose sleep was so disturbed she became ill and had to leave her job; she and her husband are now unable to live in the family home. Another is with a farmer who has a turbine on his property, and thus receiving lease payments; he said “We decided we weren’t going to be bothered” by the turbine.

One wind developer was interviewed for the film but Head Office later tried to have all the recording erased; last week the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA, the…

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