Finally: peer reviewed pushback against the Lewandowsky, Oberauer, and Gignac paper

Watts Up With That?

lewpaperPaul Matthews writes:

Ruth Dixon and Jonathan Jones have had a comment published in Psychological Science criticising the LOG ‘Moon hoax’ paper (Psych Science) and LGO ‘Role of Conspiracist Ideation’ (PlosOne)

“Reanalysis of the survey data sets of Lewandowsky, Oberauer, and Gignac (2013) and Lewandowsky, Gignac, and Oberauer (2013) indicates that the conclusions of those articles—that conspiracist ideation predicts skepticism regarding the reality of anthropogenic climate change—are not supported by the data”.

As we all know, all you really need to do to show their claims are bogus is to plot their data, which is what D&J do in Fig 1 for LGO (for LOG, it’s in the supplementary information file).

The paper clearly suffered a bit from being edited down to 1000 words.

There’s more at Ruth’s blog on their findings

She writes:

Although Lewandowsky and colleagues were sent our Commentary to review in late 2014, Eric…

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