Three Chilling Essays by Michael Crichton on the Bastardization of Modern Science and the New World Religion

Quixotes Last Stand

From the Science and Public Policy Institute, three essays by Michael Crichton that are ‘must reads’ for anyone wondering how the hell the myth of Global Warming has taken hold in the minds of so many people.  I’ve been saying for a very long time that Anthropogenic Global Warming is the new world religion, as it was built on fear mongering, doomsday predictions, tithing, blind faith and persecution of heretics.

I’ve also said that it makes perfect sense that aethists, socialists, liberals and the left in general, would believe in this new religion.  People have an innate desire to ‘believe’ in something and these particular groups  have not had that.  So when man-made global warming came along, it gave them the opportunity to have their own religion.  One that didn’t include a ‘god’ as such, but one that followed the template of a religion nonetheless.

Lo and behold, this…

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