Labor, Greg Hunt & Australia’s Wind Industry Panic as LRET Set to Implode



Back in October last year, STT predicted that Australia’s Labor opposition would reject any moves by the Coalition to scale back the (completely unsustainable) Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) (see our posts here and here).

It was around that time, that the Coalition’s (killing) Industry Minister, Ian “Macca” Mcfarlane; and his youthful ward, (carpeting the) Environment (in giant fans) Minister, Greg Hunt started running around like headless chooks – looking to salvage the wreckage of the LRET; look after their mates at Infigen & Co; and otherwise save their political skins.

As predicted, the Labor opposition has resisted; and these panic stricken efforts have come to nowt. Here’s The Australian on the beginning of the end for the LRET and the wind industry.

Labor rejects ‘final’ offer on new energy concession
The Australian
Sid Maher
20 March 2015

NEGOTIATIONS over the renewable energy target remain deadlocked a…

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