Scottish MPs Call for Moratorium on Highland’s Plans for Giant Fans


brave_shield3 Finally, MPs respond to Highlanders’ reasonable political demands.

The wind industry has run rampant across the Scottish Highlands and left a trail of personal misery and financial despair in its vast wake.

Whether it’s driving people from uninhabitable and worthless homes, in efforts that parallel the great Croft Clearances (see our post here); or lying, bullying and bribing their way to planning approvals under ‘standards’ that have, for example, resulted in toxic water supplies (see our post here) – the wind industry has had free rein, as Scottish MPs have generally sat back and let wind power outfits ride roughshod over Highlanders’ rights, if they aren’t already in there, actively encouraging developers in their callous disregard of those rights.

Now, thankfully, the tide seems to be turning. A little while back we covered the call by John Lamont MSP, to see wind farm victims properly compensated by their…

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