Three Questions for Denuding Complexity, a Standpoint on Science and Climate Change

Watts Up With That?

complexity-simplictyThree Questions for Denuding Complexity, story submitted by Megg

The first paper I ever wrote was titled:  Three Questions for Denuding Complexity. How to determine your own basis for thought, your own way of thinking? How do you approach a problem? Are you aware of how you do it?

If you ponder these questions,  which seldom happens, you will find yourself in obscure territories walking in a sucking slough of your super-ego. Your, mine, everybody’s thinking is a cocktail of upbringing and genes. Neither all the ingredients, nor their side effects, are evident.

Let us assume you have been brought up in a confessional (Christian) milieu. Your deity, whom you honour and respect, is a creator and rule setter. You will use concepts like ‘systems’ and ‘natural laws’.  Your role as a scientist is to discover these laws:  laws you know exist but are still unknown. You know there exist…

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