Rampant Wind Farm Bat Slaughter: Yet Another “Inconvenient” Truth for the Wind Industry


dead bats1 Bats – not pretty, not loved, but, as pollinators and pest eradicators, important to the environment in more ways than one.
Now simply “wind industry road-kill” and “inconvenient” facts.

Wind farms are certified bird and bat slaughterhouses, where millions are clobbered, sliced and diced every year (see our post here): wanton avian destruction which is entirely unnecessary and wholly unjustified.

STT has covered the wind industry’s bat slaughter cover up a couple of times – pointing to the mounting piles of bat carcasses left rotting around wind farms as furry, lifeless and ‘inconvenient’ facts of the kind that send eco-fascists into “spin-mode” and their greentard acolytes into a state of enviro-confusion:

Now, here’s yet another take on the pointless and entirely unjustified slaughter of critters…

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