Greens Simply ‘Clueless’: Miners say “Wind Power NO ‘Alternative’ to REAL Power”


cher We’re spending $billions subsidising wind power, but if the wind’s not blowing we’re all in the DARK? And we’ve already built a system that’s like totally worked for a century, so we don’t need wind power, anyway.
I think I get it?

Greens clueless on energy
The Australian
Brendan Pearson
16 January 2015

DURING his formative years, the legendary 20th-century American journalist Walter Lippman spent a lot of time with revolutionaries, radical intellectuals and others with a weak grip on reality.

But Lippman soon grew tired of “dilettante rebels, he who would rather dream 10 dreams than realise one; he who so often mistakes a discussion in a cafe for an artistic movement, or a committee meeting for a social revolution”. It was, he complained, “a form of lazy thoughtlessness to suppose that something can be made of nothing; that the act of creation consists of breathing upon the void”.

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