Why Wind Power MWs Will Never Be Equal

All megawatts are not equalJudithcurry.comBy Planning Engineer11 DECEMBER 2014Some of the Climate Etc. denizens have requested a post on the generation planning process to help them better understand cost issues surrounding the large scale addition and integration of renewable resources.The major takeaway is that differing types of generating resources bring diverse sets of costs and benefits to the power system so that they cannot be compared solely based on a cost per Megawatt (MW) produced basis. As this post will conclude, it matters very much when energy is generated, where the energy comes from and how well it works to support the system. For large scale bulk projects, the average cost of SOLAR and wind will need to be significantly below the average cost of conventional generation well before wind and solar can begin to approach general competitiveness on a cost basis.

via Why Wind Power MWs Will Never Be Equal.

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