Vestas projects in Australia put on hold – Renewable energy – Energy & Commodities – Trades

Vestas projects in Australia put on hold – Renewable energy – Energy & Commodities – Trades.




Vestas projects in Australia put on hold

A former dominant role has become less – but there is potential for a comeback.

Uncertainty about the framework conditions restricting currently Vestas’ order opportunities in the Australian wind turbine market in which it has hitherto been the dominant player with a market share of over 50 per cent. all of the installed turbines.

One of Vestas’ really good customers in the Australian market, Infigen Energy, has several projects more or less ready to go into the construction phase, but time is just not for it at the moment, says Richard Farrell, Investor Relations Manager at Infigen Energy Ritzau Finance.

– Developers who Infigen has not been able to commit to new projects in Australia because of the regulatory uncertainty, which has resulted in limited availability of bankable power purchase agreements, said Richard Farrell.

Vestas in reserve

When and if it again becomes sufficiently attractive for the company to launch investments and get financing in place, Vestas seem to have good cards in your hand to get new orders in the books. Infigen came at least the other day a step closer to approval of the wind farm Bodangora of 100 megawatts, according to information provided by Ritzau Finance is obtained, based on Vestas’ 112 mill.

The Australian Department of Planning gave the other day project conditional approval and recommended that also ultimately in the planning process, Planning Assessment Commission gives green light to wind farm. Planning Commission, according to media ABC probably hold a public meeting about the project before deciding.

At Infigen Energy awaits you a speedy approval, “hopefully within the next month,” says Richard Farrell from Infigen, which also has other projects in the pipeline. This is the project approved Capital 2 Wind Farm, which is scaled to 90-100 megawatts, which after approval has been on hold – pending the improved framework conditions.

Together against headwind

Vestas’ strong cooperation with Infigen was highlighted recently when the company, in co-operation with just Infigen, announced a counter-attack on the anti-wind movement, which has largely been highly prevalent in Australia.

The Danish wind turbine manufacturer, has over the years delivered many turbines to Infigen Energy and the parties extended in April 2012 a service of four wind farms with Vestas turbines, comprising total 166 turbines with a total capacity of 367.6 megawatts.

Until the end of 2012, Vestas has supplied 805 wind turbines and 1,681 megawatts for the Australian market. In 2012 alone, Vestas delivered 420 megawatts to Australia, making it the fourth largest market for the company this year after the U.S., Germany, Sweden and Italy.

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